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Playhouse made from pallets:  Total cost?  $5.  Pallets were free, chairs were $1 each.  Sign was $1, chalkboard was free.  Other decorative items made up the rest of the cost (from the thrift store).  Happiness at play time? = priceless.


Tip of the Day: Books, Books, Books

That's right:  Books, Books, Books.  No, I'm not starting a book club on the side (though I've toyed with writing reviews . . . ah.  Perhaps another day.)

I'm actually going to tell you how to rip them up.  Here is the step-by-step process:

1. Buy an old bookshelf from the thrift store (it can be uglier than sin).
2. Use paint you have (or if you must, buy a new can).
3. Rip up three of your favorite novels (no, really--make sure the edges are good and ragged).
4. Mod-podge the pages to whatever surface of your bookshelf you choose (I chose just the sides).
5. Paint something quirky over the pages (see my example below).
6. Give it one more going-over with some kind of sealant or mod-podge.
7. Voila!  Transform ugly, thrift store shelf into a delectable, darling, daring reading shelf!

PS You can fill the same shelf with books from the thrift store.  I bought the entire collection of Berenstain Bear books at the thrift store.  You'd be surprised.


Tip of the Day: Half Off Cautions

I've posted this before, but I needed to remind myself and everyone out there about HALF OFF DAY AT THE THRIFT STORE!!!!  Just when you thought thrifting couldn't get cheaper, right?

Some cautions:

  • Get there early--the carts will be gone if you don't.
  • Expect mayhem.  Don't bother with dressing rooms.  Grab and "git." 
  • Don't buy stuff just 'cause it's extra cheap.  Unless you like it, you'll regret it, even if it's only a dollar.
  • Got with a list.  I didn't and wished I had, because there were things I could have found had I been looking in that department.
  • If at all possible, DON'T bring kids.  I know this is probably not possible.
Google your local stores for those half-off day sales, and have some fun spending even less than usual.